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The usual question:

The clients always have a ton of different questions. Some are funny, some are entertaining, some are really useful and some are very frequent! The most frequent one: Where is the most painful place on the body to get tattooed?

Oh my God..if I had a dime for everytime I get asked that! Ha ha! And honestly: I wish I had an answer! But it depends on a lot of things dosent it?

The size of the tattoo, what kind of shading or colour your clients want, duration of the tattoo and all kinds of other factors come into play! So most of the time thats what I say: it depends more on what your getting than WHERE as far as pain goes. Poor clients.. thats a pretty general and sucky answer..but its the only one Iv got since people with little or no tattoos often ask me this question as a means to safeguard themselves agains going straight for the most painful spot!

Of course thats impossible so its better to just give a more general response I think. Bottom line: a tattoo is going to be very uncomfortable to get done; no matter where its placed. So why not just go for the spot you had in mind from the get go and leave it at that? Its a good idea for the client to do just that. Go for it and the worry about the discomfort when it comes. When that happens my clients get some candy from me as a bribe...Or even some numbing spray when thats available... that seems to work fine haha! Alright enough ramblings for now! Take care!


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