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So many ink caps!

So..a lot of clients ask me this: "hey how come you have so many ink caps of black sitting out like that? Are they the same or different from each other?". Well; good question! They all look the same dont they?

The thing is: they are different. We line them up to keep them organized.

I keep my darkest black pigment on my right and then the further to the left I get in my setup the more diluted the pigment is.

Im right handed so it makes sense for me to do it that way. How artist line their caps up depends on habit and personal preference. It also makes sense to ALWAYS do it in the same order: that way there is no thought involved when dipping the needle: every shade is where it supposed to be!

So thats why it looks the way it does when tattooers break out their gadgets for the black and gray work! We are not so nuts about black we need it ALL in caps ALL the time! (LOL) We just simply need a lot of shades to play with to build nice shades ranging all the way from solid black to the soft gray diluted shades!

I hope that was helpful to anyone who has ever seen a black and gray tattoo in progress! Until next time... stay cool ; )


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