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Getting tattooed in the summertime

When getting tattooed during the summertime there are a few extra things to look out for while your new tattoo is healing!

1. Keep your tattoo out of the sunshine and out of the water for the first two weeks after getting it: When a tattoo is fresh and healing it should be kept out of the sunshine all together. The skin is very sensitive to sunlight and vulnerable to UV exposure.

2. Get plenty of water during your tattoo session and some good rest after it is done: when its really hot outside its easy to get de-hydrated during and after a tattoo. Getting a tattoo can be a great strain on your body and your immune system. Try to make it better by eating well before your session, keeping hydrated and resting after you are done.

3. After about two weeks of no sunbathing, pools or ocean play (boring : I know!) you can enjoy the sun and the pool again: as long as everything has healed well and without problems that is. If you run into any problems during your healing time you might need 3 or 4 weeks.

When you do go back in the sun you lather up your new tattoo with very high SPF/ sun factor lotion. I recommend anything over SPF/ factor 70. Its ideal if its the waterproof kind: they normally last longer when exposed to sunshine.

Normally I buy these sunscreen lotions at or Ebay because they are not available in stores in Norway. Normally I get SPF 100 for facial use. The SPF 100 completely blocks UV rays and keeps your tattoo and skin safe. Its a great help during the summertime for your new tattoos and to keep your old ones looking good!

4. If you have very sensitive skin and your going to be exposed to the sun for hours I recommend buying UV proof clothing. Its perfect for snorkling, surfing or hiking: any time your exposed to direct sunshine for an extended period of time. Stay safe and take care of your skin.

Enjoy your summer and your new tattoo!

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