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Getting tattoos in the winter!

During the winter months when the weather cools down a lot of people have trouble with dry and cracked skin. The constant change in temperature between the outdoors and the indoors stresses the skin and the dry, cold air can easily leave your skin very dehydrated.

For anyone planning to get tattooed in the winter time I would recommend taking great care of your skin and making sure its hydrated before you go to get your tattoo done. Taking care of your skin through the whole winter and you will be ready to get tattooed any time you like! If you want to prep your skin for tattooing start following the tips listed below at least 1 month before you go to get your new artwork done!

1. Make sure you drink enough water every day. This is the most important thing if you want your skin to behave and be ready for some decorative ink!

2. Moisturize your skin every day. This could be done with a good quality body lotion, oil or things like body butter. The pharmacy, Lush, The Body Shop and your local health food store can all provide high quality moisturizing lotions and oils.

Before bed take a generous amount of your moisturizer and massage the area you want your tattoo to cover.

During the night your skin will then be able to absorb well and the moisture will penetrate deeper into your skin.

PS: if you have very dry skin before you start this nightly routine make sure you soften your skin and open your pores with a hot shower before applying the moisturizer. Also use a lotion that has more of a liquid consistency or just plain oil. These liquids will penetrate your dry skin easier than for example thick body butter.

3. Avoid over doing sun bathing. Extended exposure to sun can dehydrate your skin and even leave it burnt. This is not good for someone who wants to get tattooed. So be moderate. This goes for both the tanning beds and the natural sunshine.

4. Eat as healthy as possible and have some healthy fat in your diet. What you eat greatly affect your skin. Having a healthy diet, eating enough every day and maybe cutting down on coffee a bit can help. There are many amazing sources online about the link between diet and skin health. The greatest of these sources for me is Kimberly Snyder's web page. She explains the link between skin and food and has amazing recipes for skin friendly smoothies and food!

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