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About getting tattooed on vacation..

A lot of people come to the shop asking to get cover up tattoos. A large percentage of these clients have gotten tattooed while on vacation abroad somewhere. Maybe they got the tattoo very cheap, maybe they planned to get tattooed but it didnt turn out very good, maybe they wanted to be impulsive having some fun or maybe even got it done while out on the booze! We all love to let our hair down when we re on vacation but sometimes things do not turn out the way we hoped they would.

It dosent really matter: the point is: a lot of the people who want their tattoos covered up got them while on vacation somewhere. So what went wrong?

The thing is: getting tattooed abroad is obviosly NOT the problem! 99 percent of all amazing artist will always be "abroad" no matter what country your in right?!

So many great artist work all over the world! London, Berlin, Tokyo...Bergen haha! ....everywhere you can find amazing artist. Its NOT the artists location, nationality or race that matters but their work and their work ethics.

But as a tourist you have to ask yourself: "why is this artist/tattooer located HERE?"

Would a good tattoer, a truly good tattooer, choose to work in a busy, cheap, boozed up "syden" /tourist location with a bunch of drunk tourist wanting cheap tattoos ?....or....would a truly talented tattooer want to work with a regular and steady clientele in a place where they can make decent money and have clients who appreciate them and what they do? A pretty easy question to answer I think.

Most great artist in the world would never put up with drunk tourist asking for discounts all day long would they? They would much rather work in a place where the clients are normal, everyday people who simply love good tattoing.

Good tattoo shops and tattoo artist love regular clients. The clients who want to come back for larger projects, collect tattoos from different artist and form the basis for any good tattoo shops steady financial turnover.

Normally the best artist are found in larger cities around the world. They work where people are interested in art and culture and where they themselves can enjoy culture through galleries, movies, music and so on. Good artist also tend to travel a bit. They tattoo at tattoo conventions or as guest artist in other peoples quality tattoo shops.

But in the busy, budget, mass tourism locations it is not as likley to encounter a truly good tattoo artist. Good artist will normally choose very differently when picking a location for opening their shop! Im NOT saying its impossible to meet a good tattoo artist in these locations: its just highly unlikely compared to a city like Berlin: where good artist are easily found.

Please: keep that in mind when you are traveling!

You can ask your tattoo artist for advice on finding good tattooers to travel to in other countrys and what to look for when choosing a tattoo artist for your next tattoo.

A great way to find good artist is buying tattoo magazines from the country your traveling to and have a look for anything that strikes you. It could help you find good artist in the area you planning to visit!

Important: Remember that good artist, no matter what country they are in, are busy and if you want to get an appointment you probably have to book it a long time before you travel! The popular artist normally have a long waiting list. Waiting lists can be anything from a few weeks to a few months to years in some cases!

Just another thing to keep in mind when choosing where to get a tattoo done!


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